Voice and internet 

Voice over IP PLATFORM

Have a call centre but lack the technology to make it effective? Do you have no application program interface to your back-end systems? Desktop Group owns and manages its own VoIP platform and can provide voice connectivity anywhere in the country on your preferred data medium. Customizable PBX and voice solutions are our speciality. Anything from a single virtually hosted phone to big inter-branch enterprise grade PBX systems hosted to on-site is catered for.  Our PBX solution was built from the start as a developer’s sand box so any features that you require may have already been built or are easy to custom build for you.


Desktop Network Solutions - is a Tier 1 ISP that is fully licenced by ICASA to provide the services offered.

Have fibre access and looking for redundancy or would prefer a technology not so affected by civil works in your business neighbourhood? We own and manage a wireless wide area network in the Gauteng area based on multiple carrier grade microwave and air fibre technologies. Bandwidth offerings are customisable from 1Mbps to 100Mbps with 1:1 contention ratio or higher depending on your budget. VPNs and interbranch connections are integral features of this offering. Because we have control of the entire network we can build any service you require on our data fabric. Contact our sales team today to find out more.

FIBRE Access

Our fibre offerings are available nationwide and are customisable from 20Mbps to 1000Mbps with a 1:1 contention ratio or higher depending on your needs and budget. VPNs and interbranch connections are integral features of this offering too. Contact our sales team today to find out more.


Need cloud or server hosting facilities? Our data center provide complete hosting solutions right at the point of interconnect. We peer with all major networks including the big names like Google and Microsoft. This eliminates inter ISP bottle necks associated with hosting your own servers. 


Leveraging decades in the industry - since the 1980's in fact - we can also help your IT department with any challenges faced by them. We have industry experts on hand ranging from Voice, Security, Networking, Windows to Linux.


Certified professionals are ready to assist with your networking issues or new infrastructure requirements. Years of experience and the experience gained building of our own network has prepared our networking division to fix any networking or routing issues you may have.


Having a permanent team of infrastructure technicians with many years experience we are confident that we can design, install and maintain any network infrastructure that is required. Using wireless, microwave, copper and fiber based technologies we have developed anything from basic local networks to metropolitan area networks.